The Music Of Veronica Mars

CW/Season 3 promo

  1. "These Girls" by Jennifer Page (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Starting when the voiceover says, "The new mysteries that are bigger than ever." Download it!


  • You can watch the promo in question here.

Episode 2-22: "Not Pictured"

  1. "Pomp and Circumstance" by Edward Elgar (1901): graduation ceremony
  2. "Virtual Booty Machine" by Lovewhip (Virtual Booty Machine, 2005): Mac & Beaver enter the party. Download it!
  3. "Sparks" by the Waking Hours (no info): Beaver chugs "liquid courage"
  4. "G.L.S" by Salme Dahlstrom (The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade EP, 2004): Veronica ask Logan and Dick about Beaver's whereabouts. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent (Ted Nugent, 1975; GH): flashback of Curly's death
  6. "See My Friends" by Gravenhurst (Fires In Distant Buildings, 2005): Cassidy jumps
  7. "Time Flies Tomorrow" by Paul Westerberg (Eventually, 1996): Logan and Veronica say goodbye as Kendall arrives. See Notes for more info.


  • Salme Dahlstrom: You can listen to "G.L.S." at the artist's MySpace page.
  • Paul Westerberg: There is an excellent Paul Westerberg site here that nonetheless doesn't seem to be official, so I'm not including it as such.

Episode 2-21: "Happy Go Lucky"

  1. "Lost And Found" by Adrienne Pierce (Hors D'oeuvres, 2005; VMS): Wallace and Veronica share a moment at the end of high school.


  • You can listen to "Lost And Found" at the artist's MySpace page.

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