The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-7: "The Girl Next Door"

  1. "The Trial of the Century" by The French Kicks (Trial Of The Century, 2004): Playing at the beginning when Veronica is taking her laundry to the laundry room and stops to talk to Sara in the courtyard. Download it!
  2. "La Femme d'Argent" by Air (Moon Safari, 1998): Playing when Weevil and Logan paint the wall and also while Veronica is flipping through the Sara's diary.
  3. "Yellow Butta Sunshine" by Pop (Caramel '76, 2003): Playing when Weevil and his gang pull up to and go into the Encore store. See Notes for more info.


  • Pop: You can download a one-minute sample of "Yellow Butta Sunshine" here. You can also listen to it in its entirety on his record label's website; the player in the top right hand corner lets you skip songs, and "Yellow Butta Sunshine" will eventually come up.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, I can find no confirmable evidence that Snow Patrol's "Run" is played anywhere in this episode.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that there was a song by Snow Patrol (possibly "Run") in this episode. If I'm wrong, then I guess the band was only mentioned, not actually played.

2:23 AM  
Blogger spacecitymarc said...

During the opening scene (with "Trial Of The Century" playing underneath), Sara thanks Veronica for lending her the Snow Patrol CD, but I don't think we ever actually hear anything by them in the episode. Certainly worth a mention, though, for those who wish to listen to what Veronica listens to.

9:06 AM  
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