The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 4-1: "Spring Break Forever"

  1. "It's Time" by Nick Waterhouse (Never Twice, 2016): Veronica arrives as Karsyn's house
  2. "Da Jodel-Rudel" by Werner Br├╝ggemann (release info N/A): Veronica and Karsyn spy on and torment Karsyn's ex
  3. Unidentified: Veronica arrives home to greet Pony
  4. "Waking Light" by Beck (Morning Phase, 2014): Veronica and Logan engage in the physical act of love
  5. Unidentified: spring break at Comrade Quacks 1, the rejection game (lyrics: "That girl's bad")
  6. Unidentified: spring break at Comrade Quacks 2, Nicole stops a sexual assault (lyrics: "Hey everybody, get lit, lit lit... I'm moving slow, I see that booty moving low"
  7. "In The Ghetto" by Elvis Presley (From Elvis In Memphis, 1969; GH): Alonzo and Dodie discuss free will while driving through Tijuana with someone in their trunk
  8. "Here Comes The Sun" by Hal David and John Cacavas (Singers & Swingers, 2003): Keith is in physical therapy
  9. Unidentified: spring break music in the background while Maddie and her dad banter like Veronica and Keith (lyrics: "give me one reason to get me out of bed and I swear I'll take you")
  10. Unidentified: pizza arrives at spring break
  11. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan play with Wallace and baby Noah
  12. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan have dinner with Wallace and Shae
  13. Mr. Finish Line" by Vulfpeck featuring Christine Hucal (Mr. Finish Line, 2017): Cliff trolls for business in the hospital
  14. "Clad In Skin" by Trevor Powers (Mulberry Violence, 2018): Veronica and Keith check out the scene of the Sea Sprite bombing


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