The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-11: "Silence Of The Lamb"

  1. "Birthday" (originally performed by The Beatles, The Beatles, 1968): an instrumental version played at the BD party at school.
  2. "Brilliant Sky" by Saybia (These Are The Days, 2004): Song played when Veronica, Mac & Wallace crash Madison's birthday party. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Fireflies" by Amy Cook (The Firefly Sessions, 2004): Song played when Mac walks into the library and meets her biological sister. Download it!
  4. "The Way You Are" by 46bliss (46bliss, 2004; VMS): Played at the end when Mac's biological mother drives by as Mac and her family are getting ready to leave for the vacation, and also when Clarence receives the photographs. Read the interview! See Notes for more info.


  • Saybia: You can listen to "Brilliant Sky" on the jukebox at the band's website.
  • 46bliss: You can hear a clip of "The Way You Are" here (m3u file) or here (mp3 file). I've also been informed by the band that you can purchase the entire song for a measly 88 cents here. The song is also available at iTunes for 99 cents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saybia is one of the hottest bands in Denmarks, hopefully this will help their breakthough in the US. I can really recommend both their albums The Second You Sleep and These Are The Days. Especially The Day After Tomorrow is awesome.

Check them out on Amazon.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.. im actually from denmark and Saybia is one of my favorite bands, soo is Ivy and Guano apes.. i would recommend it aswell..


8:29 AM  

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