The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-13: "Lord Of The Bling"

  1. "The Bomb" by The Pharcyde (Humboldt Beginnings, 2004): Song emanating from inside the club while Keith Mars is talking to the person outside.
  2. "The Girl Who Wouldn't Die" by Tsar (Tsar, 2000): Song playing during the flashback scene of V, Lilly, and Yolanda in Yolanda's room.
  3. "Saturday Night" by Ozomatli (Street Signs, 2004): playing when Veronica gets on the elevator with Dime Bag.
  4. "Hey Ma" by Cam'Ron (Come Home With Me, 2002): playing during the flashback of the party where Logan kises Yolanda.
  5. "Living It Up" by The League (no info): Song playing when Yolanda's dad talks to Dime Bag on the phone.


Blogger Oana said...

you know.. I heard something like "I just can get enough" from Depeche Mode when Veronica's dad enters the car after going at the club..but it doesn't sounded quite like them...

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the song playing when Logan is talking to Duncan about his mother, and how she isn't dead!?!?!?!
There are no lyrics..?

8:54 PM  

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