The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-16: "Betty And Veronica"

  1. "Pick Up The Phone" by The Notwist (Neon Golden, 2003): Playing while Veronica is frantically searching for the bug in her room.
  2. "You And Your Kind" by The Brown Mountain Lights (Late Show At The Cave, 2003): Playing the first time we see Veronica and her mom talking in the bar (when they hug each other). See Notes for more info.
  3. "A Chorus Line" by Ultramagnetic MC's (Critical Beatdown [reissue], 2004): Playing while Wallace is practicing basketball and Veronica is watching him.
  4. "Rabbit" by The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem (Songs For Housework, 2005): Playing during the second flashback of Veronica and her mom, while they're having coffee. Download it!
  5. "Nothing Is Wrong" by The Brown Mountain Lights (Late Show At The Cave, 2003): Playing the third time we see Veronica and her mom in the bar, when they talk about her affair with Jake Kane. See comments for more info.
  6. "Fall Behind Me" by The Donnas (Gold Medal, 2004): Playing during the Rest Stop 15 scene when Weevil takes the bet.
  7. "Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter" by Mice Parade (The True Meaning of Boodleybaye, 2000): playing when Veronica is asking Weevil if he took the parrot because the bets he is taking on the game don't make sense unless he knows the outcome.


  • Brown Mountain Lights: You can listen to "Nothing Is Wrong" and other songs at this page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an instrumental background during the scene at the end when Veronica flashes back to putting her mom in rehab. Do you know what the song is?

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is an instrumental track in the background near the end when the band is playing at the basketball game. The song is the Caissons Song.

8:28 PM  

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