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Extended Season 2 promo

Here are the songs that were played on one of the extended season 2 promos (which gave a quick synopsis of season 1):

  1. "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" by Chevelle (This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In, 2004): 00:13-00:31, "All of a sudden my boyfriend turned away" (spliced-together clips, not a continuous portion of the song). See Notes for more info.
  2. "Freak Out" by Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin, 2004): 00:40-1:04, "And deep down, I knew my calling..."
  3. "3 Strange Days" by School of Fish (School Of Fish, 1991): 1:05-1:32, "And find out who killed my best friend."
  4. "The Hardest Button to Button" by The White Stripes (Elephant, 2003): 1:33-1:39, "And that my new boyfriend's father..." See Notes for more info.
  5. "The Real Life" by 3 Doors Down (Seventeen Days, 2005): 1:58-2:51 (end), right after "I knew you'd save me"


  • Chevelle: You can watch the video for "Vitamin R" by going here and signing up for the band's email list.
  • The White Stripes: You can watch the video for "The Hardest Button To Button" at the band's website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where can i found this extended promo? simply youtube it?

12:31 PM  

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