The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 2-15: "The Quick And The Wed"

  1. "I Want You to Want Me" sung by Virginia Williams (originally performed by Cheap Trick, In Color, 1977; GH): karaoke sung by Jane's sister, Heidi, at The Hut. See Notes for more info.
  2. Artist unidentified: "I Am The Very Model of Modern Major-General" (from The Pirates Of Penzance): Karaoke song in background when Veronica serves Heidi's friends
  3. "Lost Art" by Mere Mortals (Mere Mortals; 2004): Logan is in the store and comes out, only to be spat upon. Download it! See Notes for more info.
  4. "Oh My" by Mellowdrone (Box, 2006): Veronica checks out the bowling alley. Download it!
  5. "Sometimes the Sun" by The Lashes (Get It, 2006): Veronica finds Heidi with Nick. Download it! See Notes for more info.


  • Cheap Trick: In Color has the original version of "I Want You To Want Me," but the live version that everyone knows (which is quite different) is on At Budokan (1979) and At Budokan: The Complete Concert (1998).
  • Mere Mortals: The closed captioning lists this song as "White Noise" by the Vacations, but this is incorrect. It may be that an earlier cut of the episode with "White Noise" was what was sent to be captioned but the song was changed afterwards.
  • The Lashes: You can watch the video for "Sometimes The Sun" here. Note that the download above isn't very high quality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of Mere Mortals - Lost Art being played in the scene with Logan in the convienece store, it sounds (and also says on UPN cc) like The Vacations - White Noise.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's definitely 'Lost Art'. You can hear the lyrics:
"On the night of a new sensation/ You sold out to the daydream nation/ You breathe in and you hold it hard/ Baby, you're a lost art".
Closed captioning isn't always right.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I Am the Very Model of the Modern Major General" is technically called "The Major General's Song", and was written by Sir William Schwenck Sullivan (lyrics) and Sir Arthur Sullivan (music). They are popularly known as Gilbert & Sullivan, and wrote many light operas together.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the dance isn't in this episode, is it? lost art plays while logan's at the convenience store.

9:20 PM  

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