The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 3-6: "Hi, Infidelity"

  1. Unidentified: Dr. Landry talks to Veronica about her academic future
  2. Unidentified: Piz invites Veronica bowling. Includes the lyrics "..the sky, we are in it/this together....straight into sunshine.."
  3. Unidentified: Veronica invite Logan & Parker bowling
  4. "Say About Me" by Starball (Superfans, 2001): bowling. Download it!
  5. "Prince of Wands" by Douglas Armour (no info): Veronica talks to Piz about Parker. Download it!
  6. Unidentified: techno song playing when Parker & Veronica visit Piz at the radio station
  7. "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc (The Original Soundtrack, 1975; GH): Keith's car accident; end montage


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Prince of Wands" is on the album "The Light of a Golden Day...".

7:20 AM  

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