The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 4-8: "Years, Continents, Bloodshed"

  1. Unidentified: Veronica and Keith ask for the Cho's Pizza delivery records
  2. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan at the courthouse
  3. "Cheap Thrills" by Sia (This Is Acting, 2016): on the radio as Veronica drives the streets of Neptune one year later
  4. "The World We Knew (Over And Over)" by Sara Lov (I Already Love You, 2011): Veronica drives the streets of Neptune and describes the changes of the previous year
  5. "Faraway Look" by Yola (Walk Through Fire, 2019): Veronica leaves Neptune and listens to a message from Logan

Episode 4-7: "Gods Of War"

  1. Unidentified: Veronica gets a Skype call from Logan while getting ready to head out with Wallace
  2. Unidentified: Veronica takes a call while leaving Comrade Quacks
  3. Unidentified: Veronica leaves Leo at the police station as Clyde pulls up to Big Dick's house
  4. "Bury A Friend" by Billie Eilish (When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, 2019): Veronica has sexytimes thoughts about Leo
  5. "Slow Dance" by Kelly Clarkson (Meaning Of Life, 2017): Penn and Carol slow dance in her cabin
  6. "Big Fish" by Vince Staples featuring Juicy J (Big Fish Theory, 2017): Big Dick is pissed that Matty refused his bribe of a new car, but Matty has a plan

Episode 4-6: "Entering A World Of Pain"

  1. "Bubble Shaker" by Tarik NuClothes (Emperor's NuClothes, 2011): Veronica grills Vinnie at Peepers
  2. Unidentified: Veronica asks questions at the frat house about the bombings
  3. "Starting To Hurt" by Spencer Ward (originally performed by Ryan Adams, Demolition, 2002): song Blake Long's band is playing when Veronica arrives to ask about the night Patrick Hatcher died
  4. Unidentified: Veronica and Keith ask Vinnie at Peepers about the two Mexican hitmen
  5. Unidentified: Veronica commiserates with Nicole about her relationship with Logan at Comrade Quacks
  6. Unidentified: Veronica, Leo and Nicole party at Comrade Quacks 1
  7. "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille (Love Will Keep Us Together, 1975; GH): Veronica, Leo and Nicole party at Comrade Quacks 2
  8. "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish (When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, 2019): Veronica, Leo and Nicole party at Comrade Quacks 3

Episode 4-5: "Losing Streak"

  1. "A Horse with No Name" by America (America, 1971; GH): Keith goes duck hunting with Clyde)
  2. Unidentified: Vinnie looks through the lost and found at Comrade Quack's
  3. "Reasons" by Earth, Wind & Fire (That's The Way Of The World, 1975; GH): Penn unwinds with his "After Work Tunes" playlist

Episode 4-4: "Heads You Lose"

  1. Unidentified: Keith talks with the owner of Chattanooga Charlie's
  2. Unidentified: Alonzo and Veronica (separately) arrive at PCH Body & Paint

Episode 4-3: "Keep Calm And Party On"

  1. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan bring pants to Dick at Comrade Quack's (lyrics: "I'm taking it slowly, I'm taking it slowly, I'm taking it slow," "put your body")
  2. Unidentified: Dick kicks off the Comrade Quack's dance competition (lyrics: "jet setting sex sessions," "dance party sexy bodies," "don't they know this shit they started," "like they do in River City")
  3. Unidentified: Veronica, Logan, Dick and Nicole get hammered
  4. "No Scrubs" by TLC (FanMail, 1999): Veronica tells the DJ to play "No Scrubs"
  5. "Sweet Sour" by Band Of Skulls (Sweet Sour, 2012): the Carr boys torture Daniel Maloof to find out where the engagement ring is
  6. "Young At Heart" by Jimmy Durante (September Song, 1963): Keith meets with fancy-schmancy Dr. Mitchell
  7. "Go All The Way" by the Raspberries (Raspberries, 1972): Keith puts on earbuds as her's about to go into the fancy-schmancy MRI machine
  8. Unidentified: Logan and Dick have their asses handed to them in beach volleyball ("that's where I wanna be, you know I'm ready"
  9. "Trouble" by IDYLL (One, 2015): a second bomb goes off within earshot of the volleyball match 
  • The line "We used to be disgusted, now we try to be amused" that Veronica jokes is the motto on the Mars family crest is a reference to "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" by Elvis Costello (My Aim Is True, 1977).

Episode 4-2: "Chino And The Man"

  1. Unidentified: Dick Casablancas undertakes a drug deal gone bad... or does he?
  2. Unidentified: Veronica, Logan and Dick at the bar post-movie
  3. "Counting" by Mirah (Understanding, 2018): Veronica and Logan have it out
  4. "Looking For You" by Nino Ferrer (Nino And Radiah, 1974): Veronica tails Matty... or does she?
  5. Unidentified: Matty gives Veronica the slip at a beach party (lyrics: "you and me that's what I like")
  6. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli (The 4 Seasons Present Frankie Valli Solo, 1967; GH): Logan defends the Maloofs from the Carrs

Episode 4-1: "Spring Break Forever"

  1. "It's Time" by Nick Waterhouse (Never Twice, 2016): Veronica arrives as Karsyn's house
  2. "Da Jodel-Rudel" by Werner Brüggemann (release info N/A): Veronica and Karsyn spy on and torment Karsyn's ex
  3. Unidentified: Veronica arrives home to greet Pony
  4. "Waking Light" by Beck (Morning Phase, 2014): Veronica and Logan engage in the physical act of love
  5. Unidentified: spring break at Comrade Quacks 1, the rejection game (lyrics: "That girl's bad")
  6. Unidentified: spring break at Comrade Quacks 2, Nicole stops a sexual assault (lyrics: "Hey everybody, get lit, lit lit... I'm moving slow, I see that booty moving low"
  7. "In The Ghetto" by Elvis Presley (From Elvis In Memphis, 1969; GH): Alonzo and Dodie discuss free will while driving through Tijuana with someone in their trunk
  8. "Here Comes The Sun" by Hal David and John Cacavas (Singers & Swingers, 2003): Keith is in physical therapy
  9. Unidentified: spring break music in the background while Maddie and her dad banter like Veronica and Keith (lyrics: "give me one reason to get me out of bed and I swear I'll take you")
  10. Unidentified: pizza arrives at spring break
  11. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan play with Wallace and baby Noah
  12. Unidentified: Veronica and Logan have dinner with Wallace and Shae
  13. Mr. Finish Line" by Vulfpeck featuring Christine Hucal (Mr. Finish Line, 2017): Cliff trolls for business in the hospital
  14. "Clad In Skin" by Trevor Powers (Mulberry Violence, 2018): Veronica and Keith check out the scene of the Sea Sprite bombing

Episode 3-20: "The Bitch Is Back"

  1. "It's A Curse" by Wolf Parade (Apologies To The Queen Mary, 2005): Veronica tracks Chip down in the cafeteria
  2. "Bad Day" sung by Kristen Bell (originally performed by Daniel Powter, Daniel Powter, 2006): Veronica mockingly sings to Domonick. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Set Out Running" by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends (Furnace Room Lullaby, 2000): Veronica stakes out the North Quad newspaper stand
  4. "It Never Rains In Southern California" by Albert Hammond (It Never Rains In Southern California, 1973; GH): Veronica votes Keith for sheriff. See Notes for more info.


  • Daniel Powter: You can listen to "Bad Day" at the artist's MySpace page and watch the video at the artist's website.
  • Albert Hammond: You can download a clip of "It Never Rains In Southern California" here.

Episode 3-19: "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Fall Down"

  1. "Lazy Girls" by Jill Cunniff (City Beach, 2007): Mac & Veronica chat while waiting in line at the cafeteria, as a girl is taken away by security. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Inside Your Head" by Eberg (Voff Voff, 2006): Veronica pretends to call Piz from the FBI, they kiss. See Notes for more info.


  • Jill Cunniff: You can listen to "Lazy Girls" at the artist's MySpace page.
  • Eberg: You can download a clip of "Inside Your Head" at the artist's website and listen to the entire song at the artist's MySpace page.

Episode 3-18: "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer"

  1. Unidentified: Piz tells Veronica he was offered an internship with
  2. "Slipping Away" by The Aeroplanes (no info): Logan has lunch with Parker & her parents. See Notes for more info.
  3. Unidentified: Veronica finds Apollo playing Grand Theft Auto
  4. "R" by Javelin Boot (The Schwa Sound, 1987): Mac & Max have a pizza delivered
  5. "Dagger Bones" by Los Halos (For Ramona, 2002): Piz tells Veronica about his second internship offer
  6. "National Anthem Of Nowhere" by Apostle Of Hustle (National Anthem Of Nowhere, 2007): Max & Mac discuss their future. See Notes for more info.
  7. Unidentified: "Vincent Van Lowe for Sheriff" commercial (possibly production music)


  • The Aeroplanes: You can download a clip of "Slipping Away" here.
  • Apostle Of Hustle: You can listen to "National Anthem Of Nowhere" at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 3-17: "Debasement Tapes"

  1. "Life Is Good" by Junk (Agent Cody Banks original soundtrack, 2003): Joe & Piz compete to be Desmond Fellows' guide. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Power" by Shapes Of Race Cars (Power, 2007): Mac & Veronica get lunch & discuss guys. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Ghost Ride It" by Mistah F.A.B. (no info): Dick shows Logan his online video
  4. Unknown sung by Paul Rudd: Desmond plays the piano while singing about getting the tapes back ("We'll find the tapes and get them back / Do the show and I'm a ha-a-a-ack"). Almost certainly written specifically for the show.
  5. "Payday" by Cotton Mather (Cotton Is King, 1994): Desmond watches a news story with a My Pretty Pony video clip. The singer on the left in the video is Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas in a wig.
  6. "No Emotion" by Idlewild (Make Another World, 2007): Dick talks to Desmond at a party. See Notes for more info.
  7. Unidentified: Piz tracks Desmond to the party; Desmond skinny-dips (lyrics: "don't you feel it too?")
  8. "My Before And After" sung by Paul Rudd (originally performed by Cotton Mather, Kon Tiki, 1997): Piz & Veronica listen to Desmond's "new crap" while driving to the concert; Desmond sings one of his new songs at the show. See Notes for more info.
  9. "Don't Take My Sunshine Away" by Sparklehorse (Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain, 2006): Mac breaks up with Bronson


  • Junk: You can download "Life Is Good" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Shapes Of Race Cars: You can listen to "Power" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Idlewild: You can listen to a remix of "No Emotion" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Paul Rudd: It has been confirmed on the episode's podcast that Rudd sang and played guitar on "My Before And After." You can listen to the song at Desmond Fellowes's MySpace page.

Episode 3-16: "Un-American Graffiti"

  1. Unidentified: Jim Wilson leaves "The Break" and is hit by a car (includes the lyrics "I'm coming for you/I'm coming")
  2. Unidentified: Keith confronts Mr. Murphy, "The Break" bartender
  3. Unidentified: opera music playing when the Krimanis and Veronica are victims of a drive-by paint balling
  4. "Trina" by Public Bulletin (no info): Veronica & Mac give up their cafeteria table to Logan & Parker. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Hold On To You" by The Waking Hours (The Good Way, 2003): Piz hits on Miranda while she shoots pool.
  6. "13th Floor" by Mere Mortals (Rebel Radio, 2006): Mr. Murphy attempts to bribe Keith. See Notes for more info.
  7. "The Hard Light" by Mere Mortals (Rebel Radio, 2006): Wallace & Piz help set up the deputy. See Notes for more info.
  8. Unidentified: Veronica & Dick take the elevator up to Logan's suite (could be score)
  9. "The Time Of Times" by Badly Drawn Boy (Born In The U.K., 2006): Veronica arrives at Parker's birthday party
  10. "And I Was A Boy From School" by Hot Chip (The Warning, 2006): Veronica and Parker; Mac and Max compare schemes. See Notes for more info.
  11. "Rally" by Phoenix (It's Never Been Like That, 2006): Veronica asks Piz to be her pretend boyfriend; they kiss. See Notes for more info.


  • Public Bulletin: The band was VM show creator Rob Thomas's late-1980s/early 1990s band. Click here to download a clip of "Trina."
  • Mere Mortals: You can download a clip of "13th Floor" here and listen to "The Hard Light" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Hot Chip: You can listen to a version of "And I Was A Boy From School" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Phoenix: You can listen to "Rally" at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 3-15: "Papa's Cabin"

  1. Unidentified: Tim & Veronica talk to the Strip City girls (possibly production music)
  2. "A Night" by Harlem Shakes (no info): Wallace sees Logan & Parker having lunch
  3. Unidentified: Wallace mentions to Veronica that he saw Logan & Parker having lunch
  4. Unidentified: Tim & Veronica stake out the convenience store (possibly production music)
  5. Unidentified: Keith meets up with the Mexican police (latin music, lyrics: "y acaba yo mostrar dentro/para el campo conocer")


  • The Elliots were reported to have a song in this episode (specifically "Catch My Fall" or "In It For You"), but none of the songs appear to match up.

Episode 3-14: "Mars, Bars"

  1. "Solfeggio, for piano in C minor, H. 220, Wq. 117/2" by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach (1766): Keith talks to Mrs. Barry while her youngest son plays the piano
  2. "Undone" by Todd Deatherage (Todd Deatherage, 2006): The Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt starts. Download it!
  3. "Lovers Who Uncover" by The Little Ones (Sing Song, 2006): Scavenger hunt guy checks out the photos of the "Congress of the Cow" position. Download it!
  4. "All I Need" by Billy Martin (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Logan & Mac buy condoms. Download it!
  5. "Get It Right" by Mink (Mink, 2007): Scavenger hunt guy views the photos of the team with condoms. See Notes for more info.
  6. "Lost To The Lonesome" by Pela (Anytown Graffiti, 2007): The team go for the final clue. See Notes for more info.
  7. "Swimmers" by Broken Social Scene (Broken Social Scene, 2005): Mac & Bronson "crash." See Notes for more info.


  • Mink: You can listen to "Get It Right" at the band's MySpace page or on the player on the band's website.
  • Pela: You can listen to "Lost To The Lonesome" at the band's website.
  • Broken Social Scene: You can listen to "Swimmers" at the band's MySpace page or on the band's website (click "Discography," then "bss s/t," then "Swimmers").

Episode 3-13: "Postgame Mortem"

  1. "White Balloons" by Stephen Ashbrook (no info): Logan wakes up to find Heather still in residence; Dick phones. See Notes for more info.
  2. White Balloons" by Stephen Ashbrook (no info): Heather asks Logan to hook up his Game Cube. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Too Much To Ask For" by Radio 4 (Enemies Like This, 2006): Dick phones Logan to say he's married
  4. Unidentified: Heather tells Logan she dedicated a song to Veronica on the radio (NOT Nick Lachey)
  5. "What's Left Of Me" by Nick Lachey (What's Left Of Me, 2006): the song dedicated to Veronica plays on the radio


  • Stephen Ashbrook: You can listen to "White Balloons" at his MySpace page.

Episode 3-12: "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"

  1. "Western Meadowlark" by Brown Recluse Sings (no info): Veronica dreams of Logan & Madison in Aspen. See Notes for more info.
  2. "I'll Take Care Of You" by Mark Lanegan (I'll Take Care Of You, 1999): Dick confronts Logan about Madison
  3. "Revolution" by the Dirty Secrets (Outside Looking In, 2006): Veronica questions Dick about Nadia
  4. Unidentified: Keith checks on Mindy O'Dell's son
  5. "No Direction" by Longwave (no info): A drunk Logan leaves Veronica a message. See Notes for more info.
  • Brown Recluse Sings: You can listen to "Western Meadowlark" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Longwave: You can listen to "No Direction" at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 3-11: "Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves"

  1. "Never The Same Again" by Moonlight Towers (Like You Were Never There, 2005): played in the Food Court while Veronica checks the phone of the guy from New York. Download it!
  2. "Yeah!" by the Golden Dogs (Everything In 3 Parts, 2004): still dressed in his old uniform, Keith pulls up next to Sheriff Lamb. See Notes for more info.
  3. "A Thousand Kisses Deep" by Leonard Cohen (Ten New Songs, 2001; GH): Veronica & Logan's pillow talk about their histories
  4. "Wheels" by Mark Lanegan (Scraps At Midnight, 1998): Max's friends interrupt his time with Wendy


  • Golden Dogs: You can listen to "Yeah!" in its entirety here at the band's website.

Episode 3-10: "Show Me The Monkey"

  1. Unidentified: classical music in cartoons playing as Dick takes photos of himself and throws them over the balcony
  2. Unidentified: Veronica & Mac get their "Meat Is Murder" photo (possibly production music)
  3. "Funiculì Funiculà" by Luigi Denza (1880): Parker & Mac's R.A. tours the "world" rooms
  4. "Dos Almas Con Un Corazon" by Matt Hirt & Francisco Rodriguez (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): salsa music playing when the R.A. visits the Cuban room. Download it!
  5. "One Week" by The Barenaked Ladies (Stunt, 1998; GH): the Canada room
  6. "Lara's Theme" by Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1965; GH): Veronica has an awkward conversation with a guy in the Russian room
  7. Unidentified: Bronson arrives as Mac listens to music on her headphones (possibly production music)
  8. Unidentified: accordion music playing when Veronica gives Parker her guy-finding score
  9. "Fair" by The Annuals (Be He Me, 2006): Mac asks Bronson to the movies; Veronica & Piz have dinner; Veronica arrives at Logan's
  10. "Long, Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt (Silk Purse, 1970; GH): Keith chats with Professor Landry at a bar
  11. "Greenland" by Kingsbury Manx (The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South, 2005): Piz discovers Logan & Veronica are back together

Episode 3-9: "Spit And Eggs"

  1. "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim (You've Come A Long Way, Baby, 1998; GH): Piz & Mac at the Pi Sig party; Veronica flees from someone
  2. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (originally performed by Steam, Steam, 1969; GH): Lilith House celebrates the end of the Greek System with a parade float & singing
  3. Unidentified: Dick & his frat buddies cruise by the Dean's van
  4. "Have You Never Been Mellow" by Olivia Newton-John (Have You Never Been Mellow, 1975; GH): Dean O'Dell's van is egged by the Lilith House women
  5. Unidentified: techno song played as Veronica hands out the drink testers & IDs to Piz, Mac & Wallace
  6. Unidentified: Veronica confronts Chip about the drink testers
  7. "Sweet Caroline" by The Diamond Smugglers (originally performed by Neil Diamond, Neil Diamond, 1970; GH): a band performs at the Pi Sig party; Piz dances; Veronica talks to Dick & Bonnie. See Notes for more info.
  8. "Thank The Lord For The Night Time" by The Diamond Smugglers (originally performed by Neil Diamond, Just For You, 1967; GH): band performs; a guy hits on Mac & gives her alcohol; the Safe Ride guys arrive
  9. Unidentified: dance music played as Tim confronts Bonnie
  10. Unidentified: techno song played as Veronica is told that the drugged drink belonged to Kim's sister, Carrie
  11. Unidentified by Chicks On Speed: techno song played as Veronica realizes the radio show is taped
  12. "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim (You've Come A Long Way, Baby, 1998; GH): Mercer prepares to rape Carrie
  13. "Can't Get Over You" by The Digbees (Love Is A Train, 2005): Logan vandalizes a police car. See Notes for more info.


  • The Diamond Smugglers: You can download a live version of "Sweet Caroline" here.
  • The Digbees: You can download a clip of "Can't Get Over You" here.

Episode 3-8: "Lord Of The Pi's"

  1. "Made To Be Broken" by Paul Minor (Shadow Figure, 2006): college guys find Chip Diller passed out on the quad lawn. Download it!
  2. Unidentified: piano song played at the Hearst College Board party (might be score)
  3. "Sipping Away" by The Aeroplanes (no info): Wallace & Veronica discuss the easter egg numbers. See Notes for more info.
  4. Unidentified: playing on the janitor's walkman (might be score)
  5. Unidentified: Wallace & Veronica see Chip in the cafeteria
  6. "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins (1950): sung by some guys in the cafeteria at Chip's appearance
  7. "Poison Cup" by M. Ward (Post-War, 2006): Logan watches as Veronica ignores his call. See Notes for more info.
  8. "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim (You've Come A Long Way, Baby, 1998; GH): preview for next episode


  • The Aeroplanes: You can download a clip of "Slipping Away" here.
  • M. Ward: You can download a radio-station performance of "Poison Cup" (though not the original) here.

Episode 3-7: "Of Vice And Men"

  1. "Silvergirl" by Mere Mortals (Mere Mortals EP, 2006): Meryl & Veronica go to the cafeteria to find Scarlett. Download it! See Notes for more info.
  2. "A Pair of Brown Eyes" by The Pogues (Rum, Sodomy and The Lash, 1985; GH): Meryl talks to Danny at the River Stix bar; Liam "dances" with Veronica. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Captain" by Shapes of Race Cars (Apocalypse Hurts EP - The Demo Hits, 2004]): Veronica has dinner at the cafeteria & is drugged. Download it!


  • Mere Mortals: While the EP doesn't appear to be purchasable as a real-world CD, it is available at all the usual downloading services.
  • The Pogues: You can download a .wav clip of "A Pair Of Brown Eyes" here.

Episode 3-6: "Hi, Infidelity"

  1. Unidentified: Dr. Landry talks to Veronica about her academic future
  2. Unidentified: Piz invites Veronica bowling. Includes the lyrics "..the sky, we are in it/this together....straight into sunshine.."
  3. Unidentified: Veronica invite Logan & Parker bowling
  4. "Say About Me" by Starball (Superfans, 2001): bowling. Download it!
  5. "Prince of Wands" by Douglas Armour (no info): Veronica talks to Piz about Parker. Download it!
  6. Unidentified: techno song playing when Parker & Veronica visit Piz at the radio station
  7. "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc (The Original Soundtrack, 1975; GH): Keith's car accident; end montage

Episode 3-5: "President Evil"

  1. Unidentified: Veronica arrives at the Halloween party
  2. Unidentified: Weevil arrives at his apartment to find Veronica
  3. "Busted" by Johnny Cash (Blood Sweat & Tears, 1963; GH): Veronica retrieves her necklace; montage

Episode 3-4: "Charlie Don't Surf"

  1. Unidentified: jazz song when Keith, Veronica and Logan have dinner
  2. Unidentified: Veronica questions Charleston
  3. Unidentified: Veronica exposes the reporter on the beach
  4. "Never Lonely Alone" by Space Needle (The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle, 1997; GH): Logan calls the real Charlie for the fourth time. See Notes for more info.


  • Space Needle: You can listen to "Never Lonely Alone" at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 3-3: "Wichita Linebacker"

  1. "Big World" by Josh Kramon (Big World, 2007): Piz pitches his radio show to Trish
  2. "Hold On, Hold On" by Neko Case (Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, 2006): Keith tells Veronica about the problem with Weevil. Download it!
  3. "Smoke on the Water" (originally by Deep Purple, Machine Head, 1972; GH): dudes play Guitar Hero
  4. Unidentified: Veronica goes to the radio station to talk to Trish
  5. "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor (Begin To Hope, 2006): Veronica apologizes to Logan about spying on him. See Notes for more info.


Episode 3-2: "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

  1. "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" by Maurice Chevalier (Gigi soundtrack, 1958): Veronica goes to the sorority house. See Notes for more info.
  2. "True Colors" (originally performed by Cyndi Lauper, True Colors, 1986; GH): altered version sung by the sorority girls when Veronica is welcomed to Theta Beta
  3. "Sing Low Sweet Chariot": altered version sung by the sorority girls when Veronica is rescued by Marjorie
  4. "In Tha Den" by Brad Ormand (no info): Veronica arrives at the special invitation party and runs into Dick. Download it!
  5. Unidentified: the "faux lesbian dance" (not by Buckcherry)
  6. "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes (Partners In Crime, 1979; GH): the prisoners are awakened
  7. First movement (Allegro vivace), Symphony No. 41 in C major ("Jupiter"), K. 551 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1788): classical piece playing when Veronica confronts R.A. Moe


  • Maurice Chevalier: You can listen to "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" at the artist's MySpace page.

Episode 3-1: "Welcome Wagon"

  1. "Rump Shaker" by Wreckx-N-Effect (Hard Or Smooth, 1992): Dick crashes the anti-Violence Against Women rally. Download it!
  2. "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls (PCD, 2005): playing on Parker's stereo when Veronica comes looking for Mac. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Socks and Shoes" by Four Fifty One (no info): The Unwashed's song. See Notes for more info.
  4. Unidentified: Veronica talks to the 'munchkins' (reggae song)
  5. "Waited So Long" by Cheryl Murdock (Starting Fires, 2004): Veronica and Logan grab a meal in the cafeteria; Dick gets into trouble. See Notes for more info.


  • Pussycat Dolls: You can listen to "Buttons" at the group's MySpace page, and you can find a link to the video here.
  • Four Fifty One: You can listen to "Socks And Shoes" at the band's MySpace page.
  • Cheryl Murdock: You can download a clip of "Waited So Long" here or listen to it in its entirely at her MySpace page.

New CW promo

  1. "Tap That" by Megan McCauley: shown over scenes from the season 3 premiere.


CW/Season 3 promo

  1. "These Girls" by Jennifer Page (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Starting when the voiceover says, "The new mysteries that are bigger than ever." Download it!


  • You can watch the promo in question here.

Episode 2-22: "Not Pictured"

  1. "Pomp and Circumstance" by Edward Elgar (1901): graduation ceremony
  2. "Virtual Booty Machine" by Lovewhip (Virtual Booty Machine, 2005): Mac & Beaver enter the party. Download it!
  3. "Sparks" by the Waking Hours (no info): Beaver chugs "liquid courage"
  4. "G.L.S" by Salme Dahlstrom (The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade EP, 2004): Veronica ask Logan and Dick about Beaver's whereabouts. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent (Ted Nugent, 1975; GH): flashback of Curly's death
  6. "See My Friends" by Gravenhurst (Fires In Distant Buildings, 2005): Cassidy jumps
  7. "Time Flies Tomorrow" by Paul Westerberg (Eventually, 1996): Logan and Veronica say goodbye as Kendall arrives. See Notes for more info.


  • Salme Dahlstrom: You can listen to "G.L.S." at the artist's MySpace page.
  • Paul Westerberg: There is an excellent Paul Westerberg site here that nonetheless doesn't seem to be official, so I'm not including it as such.

Episode 2-21: "Happy Go Lucky"

  1. "Lost And Found" by Adrienne Pierce (Hors D'oeuvres, 2005; VMS): Wallace and Veronica share a moment at the end of high school.


  • You can listen to "Lost And Found" at the artist's MySpace page.

Episode 2-20: "Look Who's Stalking"

  1. "Women's Wear" by Daniel May (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Everyone in the world takes the longest elevator ride ever on the way to Alternaprom. Download it!
  2. "Talk To Me" by Paul Taylor & Randi Soyland (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Alternaprom, Logan welcomes Dick and his "party pig." Download it!
  3. Unidentified: Mac & Butters talk, Madison rejects Dick (lyrics: "Is this your way of telling me, girl that you're letting me go" "you know I try so hard" "If this is how it's gonna be, tell me how you can leave me like that, don't you know it hurts so bad")
  4. "I Hear The Bells" by Mike Doughty (Haughty Melodic, 2005; VMS): Jackie and Wallace leave; Logan's drunken speech to Veronica. Download it!
  5. "All My Life" by DJ Harry (Collision, 2004): Wallace and Jackie get intimate. Download it!

Episode 2-19: "Nevermind The Buttocks"

  1. "Dame Esa Cosa (Give Me That Thing)" by Rene Brizuela (no info): Weevil and Hector talk at the garage. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Treat Her Like A Lady" by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose (Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, 1972; GH): the song Liam Fitzpatrick was listening to in the Barracuda.


  • Rene Brizuela: You can listen to several different versions of "Dame Esa Cosa (Give Me That Thing)" here.

Episode 2-18: "I Am God"

  1. "Breathe Me (Four Tet remix)" by Sia (Colour the Small One, 2006): Flashback of Veronica and Logan's make-out session interupted by Dick and Lucky. See Notes for more info. Download it!
  2. "Down And Dirty" by Michael Mulholland (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): Wallace and Veronica spot Rhonda's sister Nicole in the parking lot. See Notes for more info. Download it!
  3. "One More Time" by Daft Punk (Discovery, 2001): Dream scene where Veronica talks to Peter on the bus.
  4. "I Am God" by the Wannabes (Popsucker, 1995): Dream scene where Veronica chats with Cervando and realizes "I Am God" refers to a song.


  • Sia: The link above seems to be to the non-remix version of the song.
  • Michael Mulholland: an error in the closed captioning gives the lyrics for "Feel Your Love Tonight" by Van Halen (Van Halen, 1978).

Episode 2-17: "Plan B"

  1. "America The Beautiful": plays on video in background as Mrs. Murphy annouces the winner of the Freedom Essay Contest
  2. "If I Were A Storm" by the Wild Seeds (Mud, Lies and Shame, 1987; GH): playing in the bar during the Fitzpatricks' argument
  3. "Lost Art" by Mere Mortals (Mere Mortals; 2004): at the Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling. Download it!
  4. "Dreamworld" by Stockton (no info): shots of various couples at the Sadie Hawkins dance through when Wallace chases Jackie into the parking lot. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Sway" by The Perishers (Let There Be Morning, 2005; VMS): Mac and Beaver talk in the parking lot, Veronica saves Logan from Gia with a dance invitation. Download it!
  6. "Gravity/Falling Down Again" by Alejandro Escovedo (Gravity, 1992): Shark Field demolition ceremony.


  • Stockton: It appears that the only place to find info about the band right now is at their MySpace page, where you can listen to "Dreamworld."

Episode 2-16: "The Rapes Of Graff"

  1. "I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted" by Clearlake (Amber, 2006): at the Hearst party when Pi frat guy is totalling Veronica's points. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Crank It Out" by Ari Shine (Age/Occupation, 2005): later at the party, when Wallace and Veronica talk to their group leader then leave. Download it!
  3. "I Know I Know I Know" by Tegan and Sara (So Jealous, 2004; VMS): Logan and Hannah are at the hotel. Download it!


  • Clearlake: You can listen to "I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted" at the band's MySpace page and download a demo of the song here.

Episode 2-15: "The Quick And The Wed"

  1. "I Want You to Want Me" sung by Virginia Williams (originally performed by Cheap Trick, In Color, 1977; GH): karaoke sung by Jane's sister, Heidi, at The Hut. See Notes for more info.
  2. Artist unidentified: "I Am The Very Model of Modern Major-General" (from The Pirates Of Penzance): Karaoke song in background when Veronica serves Heidi's friends
  3. "Lost Art" by Mere Mortals (Mere Mortals; 2004): Logan is in the store and comes out, only to be spat upon. Download it! See Notes for more info.
  4. "Oh My" by Mellowdrone (Box, 2006): Veronica checks out the bowling alley. Download it!
  5. "Sometimes the Sun" by The Lashes (Get It, 2006): Veronica finds Heidi with Nick. Download it! See Notes for more info.


  • Cheap Trick: In Color has the original version of "I Want You To Want Me," but the live version that everyone knows (which is quite different) is on At Budokan (1979) and At Budokan: The Complete Concert (1998).
  • Mere Mortals: The closed captioning lists this song as "White Noise" by the Vacations, but this is incorrect. It may be that an earlier cut of the episode with "White Noise" was what was sent to be captioned but the song was changed afterwards.
  • The Lashes: You can watch the video for "Sometimes The Sun" here. Note that the download above isn't very high quality.

Episode 2-14: "Versatile Toppings"

  1. "On the 54" by The Dandelions (no info): Corny is attacked delivering pizzas. See Notes for more info.
  2. "This Machine Alone" by the Fighting Brothers McCarthy (Ladies and Gentlemen..., 2004): Veronica talks to Corny at the pizza shop. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Cinnamon Sky" by Karin Brennan (no info): Veronica and Corny wait for the blackmailer to call at the pizza shop. Download it!
  4. "I Don't Know" by Starsailor (On The Outside, 2005): Hannah tells Logan that he was right about her father. See Notes for more info.


  • Dandelions: You can listen to "On The 54" at the band's MySpace page and watch a video of a live performance of the song by following links on this page.
  • The Fighting Brothers McCarthy: You can purchase the album directly from the Not Lame website.
  • Starsailor: You can listen to a clip of "I Don't Know" by using the player at the top right corner of Starsailor's website.

Episode 2-13: "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

No songs this episode.

Episode 2-12: "Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle"

  1. "All Out of Love" sung by Mike King (originally performed by Air Supply, Lost In Love, 1980; GH): karaoke song performed by Lars to his girlfriend (again)
  2. "Veronica" sung by Britt Daniel (of Spoon) (originally performed by Elvis Costello, Spike, 1989; GH): karaoke song performed next
  3. "Shine More" by Sandra Pires (originally performed by Namie Amuro, Style, 2003): Wallace confronts Rashard at the party. See Notes for more info.
  4. "See The Sun" by Scavone (Rawkus 50 Presents the Rehab Record, 2007): Wallace finds Jackie with Rashard
  5. "Better Than That" by Hadas (no album info): Monte asks Wallace where Rashard went. See Notes for more info.
  6. "Ego Trips vs. Better of You" by Nicky Scapa vs. Joey Ryan (no info): Monte arrives at the club and his cell phone is switched.
  7. "Jump Around" by House of Pain (House of Pain, 1992; GH): Guy Abrutti parties
  8. "I Summon You" by Spoon (Gimme Fiction, 2005): Weevil arrives at school.


  • Sandra Pires: Pires wrote "Shine More," but Namie Amuro was the song's original performer, so I'm listing them both. There is also some evidence that this song is actually by Paul Taylor, which we're looking into.
  • Hadas: You can listen to "Better Than That" on her MySpace page.

Episode 2-11: "Donut Run"

  1. "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" by Al Green (Let's Stay Together, 1972; GH): Veronica wallows
  2. "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies (The Hollies, 1974; GH): Veronica wallows for her father
  3. "I Don't Wanna Wait" by Paula Cole (This Fire, 1996): Veronica wallows with Backup, and Wallace doesn't like it. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Four Leaf Clover" by The Old 97's (Too Far To Care, 1997): Lamb searches for Duncan in Mexico. Download it!
  5. "Adelaide" by The Old 97's (Drag It Up, 2004): Veronica wallows for reals now, while Duncan rides into the sun. Download it!


  • Paula Cole: You can download a clip of "I Don't Want To Wait" here.

Episode 2-10: "One Angry Veronica"

  1. Artist unidentified: "Joy To The World": jazzy piano version played while Thumper and Veronica chat at Java the Hut
  2. "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole (1946; GH): played when Keith and Veronica have Christmas dinner
  3. "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" by APM Library (no info): played when Keith and Veronica finish Christmas dinner and when Keith gives Veronica her present
  4. "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy (Long Distance, 2001): played when Logan watches the Lilly/Aaron tapes. Download it!
  5. "Diamond In The Mine" by Holidays On Ice (Playing Boyfriends & Girlfriends, 2005): played when Keith enters Veronica's room to give her the bad news

Episode 2-9: "My Mother, The Fiend"

  1. "Caliente Como Fuego" by Honda (no info): played at Weevil's autoshop when the power goes out before he's attacked [see Notes]
  2. "Sail Into The Sun" by the Funky Lowlives (Somewhere Else Is Here, 2005): played when Patty and Veronica chatted about Lianne and Jake Kane
  3. "Walk Idiot Walk" by the Hives (Tyrannosaurus Hives, 2004): played during Logan and Weevil's fight in the bathroom
  4. "Stumble" by Calla (Collisions, 2005): played when Mac and Cassidy met at Java the Hut
  5. Artist unidentified: "Bright Morning Stars": played in Meg's hospital room when Veronica goes in to visit. Strong Richard and Linda Thompson feel, but it doesn't appear to be them or Emmylou Harris. [alternate AOL ending only -- not in original broadcast]


  • Honda: Many people have identified this song as "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee, but the information above is what we've heard directly from the producers.

Episode 2-8: "Ahoy Mateys"

  1. "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy (Jailbreak, 1976; GH): playing at the River Stix while Veronica is trying to get info.
  2. "Dakota" by Stereophonics (Language. Sex. Violence. Other?, 2005; VMS): playing when Logan pulls a gun on the Fitzpatricks in the River Stix.
  3. "No More Guitars" by the Secondhand Ska Kings (no album info): playing as "Ahoy Mateys" theme song. Download it!
  4. "God Is In The Radio" by Queens Of The Stone Age (Songs For The Deaf, 2002): playing on "Ahoy Mateys" when Veronica and Mac show up at Clemmons's door and confront Butters.
  5. "Ocean City Girl" by Ivy (In The Clear, 2005; VMS): playing over Duncan's fantasy about Meg and him reading the letter.

Episode 2-7: "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner"

  1. "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna (Music Of The Sun, 2005): played at Gia's party (with clips from video)
  2. "The Nth Degree" by Morningwood (Morningwood, 2005): also played at Gia's party. See Notes for more info.
  3. "Run" by Air (Talkie Walkie, 2004): played as Duncan and Veronica are placed in the back of Lamb's patrol car and through the rest of the episode


  • Morningwood: You can listen to "The Nth Degree" here and watch the video here.

Episode 2-6: "Rat Saw God"

  1. "Girl On The Bus" by Kissinger (Charm, 2001): Played at Gia's party while Dick and Logan discuss Kendall
  2. Unidentified: Played at Gia's party when Gia talks to Dick & Veronica and Logan is arrested

Episode 2-5: "Blast From The Past"

  1. "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" sung by Percy Daggs III (originally performed by The Temptations, All Directions, 1972; GH): sung by Wallace at the Sac-N-Pac when he spots his father.
  2. Unidentified: played while Duncan and Veronica are making out and discussing the homecoming dance.
  3. "Press Record Then Play" by Lake Holiday (This Is How We Say Goodbye, 2006): played when Jackie and Veronica talk about the psychic. See Notes for more info.
  4. "No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders (Plug In And Play, 2005; VMS): first song played at the homecoming dance. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Whatever It Takes" by The Faders (Plug In And Play, 2005): second song played at the homecoming dance. See Notes for more info.


  • Lake Holiday: You can listen to and download "Press Record Then Play" at the band's MySpace page.
  • The Faders: You can watch the entire "No Sleep Tonight" video featuring the VM cast by going here and clicking on the link under "Watch videos from Veronica Mars." The band's website also features a mixer that allows you to hear clips of that song and "Whatever It Takes," and the "Media" section has another clip of "No Sleep Tonight" as well as a portion of the original (non-VM cast) video.

Episode 2-4: "Green-Eyed Monster"

  1. "Jealousy" by Stereophonics (You Gotta Go There To Come Back, 2003): played when Veronica first follows Collin. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Jealous Love" by Robert Cray (Some Rainy Morning, 1995): played when Wallace and Jackie are making out and Veronica's call interrupts them
  3. "So Jealous" by Tegan and Sara (So Jealous, 2004): played as Veronica fights the urge to check out the files on Meg's computer


  • Stereophonics: You can listen to "Jealousy" in its entirety in the "Audio" section of the "Media" page of the Stereophonics' website.

Episode 2-3: "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"

  1. "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon (Gimme Fiction, 2005; VMS): played when Veronica is tailing Kendall. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair" sung by Mike King: karaoke song performed by Lars to his girlfriend.
  3. "Love Hurts" sung by Courtney Taylor-Taylor (of the Dandy Warhols) (originally performed by Nazareth, Hair Of The Dog, 1975; GH): karaoke song performed next. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Smoke It" by the Dandy Warhols (Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars, 2005): played as Big Dick flees his office. See Notes for more info.


  • Spoon: You can download "I Turn My Camera On" under the "Bonus" section and watch the video under the "Video" section of the band's website.
  • "Love Hurts": Technically, the Everly Brothers were the first to perform this song, and Roy Orbison and Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris covered it before Nazareth, but the arrangement that Courtney Taylor-Taylor is singing is clearly modeled on Nazareth's version.
  • The Dandy Warhols: You can watch the video for "Smoke It" here.

Episode 2-2: "Driver Ed"

  1. "The Minor Waltz" by The Asylum Street Spankers (My Favorite Record, 2002): playing quietly right at the beginning, from when the VMVO starts until Veronica turns Jackie into a macchiatto.
  2. "Magic Bus" by The Who (GH): playing in the convenience store when Veronica is asking the clerk about the bus driver's last meal.
  3. "On Your Porch" by The Format (Interventions And Lullabies, 2003; VMS): playing when Jessie meets her father's mistress and when Veronica and Duncan sleep together.
  4. "Little Miss Get Around" by Lukewarm Freeda (no album info, 2005): playing when Big Dick Casablancas wakes Cassidy up after he fell asleep on the couch watching a surfing video. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies (Surfer Rosa, 1988; GH): played at the end as Veronica panics that her father can tell that she's had sex and as Lamb examines the body on the beach.


  • Lukewarm Freeda: You can listen to "Little Miss Get Around" at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 2-1: "Normal Is The Watchword"

  1. "Breathin'" by Asylum Street Spankers (My Favorite Record, 2002): played the first time we see Veronica at the Hut (the coffee shop) when Kelvin Moore came in to talk to her.
  2. "The Change" by Jon Dee Graham (The Great Battle, 2004): played as Veronica and Logan are making out in his Xterra.
  3. "Long Time Coming" by Delays (Faded Seaside Glamour, 2004; VMS): played when Duncan is continually visiting Veronica at the Hut and when he leaves her a birthday present. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Ashes" by Embrace (Out Of Nothing, 2005): played as Weevil gives Veronica a ride and they come across the bus crash.


  • Delays: You can listen to "Long Time Coming" at the band's MySpace page.

Soundtrack review

Various Artists
Veronica Mars Original Television Soundtrack (Nettwerk)
by spacecitymarc

[Click here to go to Nettwerk Records' Veronica Mars Soundtrack page, which features clips of all the soundtrack songs.]

If you're a Veronica Mars fan, there's one thing that I need you to do before you listen to the TV soundtrack, and that's put the show out of your mind. Go ahead, just shove real hard until it's out of the way. Until you do, you run the risk of missing how good an album the thing really is. You'll be stuck either reminiscing about the episodes where certain songs were played or trying to imagine how Rob Thomas, the show's creator and de facto music supervisor, plans on using the songs that haven't yet made it to air. So don't think about whether Veronica is the "Ocean City Girl" that Ivy sings about or what situation she'll find herself in that calls for Spoon's "I Turn My Camera On." And don't let your mind drift back to Veronica and Logan's first kiss when Something Happens's "Momentary Thing" is playing or you'll miss what made the song such an inspired choice to begin with. Approached as an exceptionally cool mixtape by that friend who's always a step or two ahead of your music collection, the Veronica Mars soundtrack is an excellent example of how to avoid the pitfalls of assuming that music in a television show or a movie is either inconsequential background material or simply serves to illustrate the action onscreen.

Part of the way it does that is by limiting the number of songs featured on Veronica Mars's first season. Some fans may be howling for blood at the omission of Damone's still-unavailable "Now Is The Time" or the Postal Service's great but admittedly ubiquitous "Such Great Heights" (and may note that there seems to be no room for "Supernatural Supergirl" by Josh Kramon, who's absent here despite being the show's composer), but the album is actually better for it. The show's theme song, the Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Friends," is included, of course, as is the neatly dissociative "The Way You Are" by 46bliss. If all you knew of them was what you heard on the show, you're in for a revelation, as the hooks which were placed front and center for maximum impact on television are redistributed to where they were intended to be. That means less instant gratification, but it also makes the songs far more satisfying, with a stronger sense of balance; when the Dandys' chorus does finally hit and when 46bliss's David Cooper finally delivers his "Put yourself in my place" chant, they lock into the songs like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Better still is "Momentary Thing," which is loaded up with ringing guitars, Tom Dunne's pleading vocals and a chorus that practically drowns in its own simple melodicism while resolving the tension set up in the anxious verses.

As for the songs that haven't yet appeared on the show, there's no common theme except for the fact that Thomas happens to like them (so much so that he has admitted that he hasn't yet decided how some of them are going to be used). Unlike other television soundtracks like the turgid Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Album, it's not afflicted with the urge to generate a specific mood at all costs. Instead, it's not only varied (covering acoustic balladry, chillout, disco-beat post-punk and Coldplayesque anthems, among others) but well-programmed; there's a definite sense of movement as former Soul Coughing leader Mike Doughty's twisty, ethereal and insistent "I Hear The Bells" (where the line "You snooze, you lose/Well, I have snost and lost" has about the same effect as a glassful of cold water in the face) shifts into Tegan and Sara's muted and plaintive "I Know, I Know, I Know," while the manic, big-beat "Lust For Life" groove of the Faders' "No Sleep Tonight" gives way to the Stereophonics' alternately thrumming and roaring "Dakota." Whether it's a result of the variety of the songs or the quality of their neighbors, a number of tracks (like "The Way You Are," "Ocean City Girl" and Delays' shimmering "Long Time Coming") actually work better in this context than on their original albums ("I Know, I Know, I Know," on the other hand, was simply overpowered by the more immediately striking material on Tegan and Sara's nifty So Jealous, while Spoon's outstanding Gimme Fiction is worthy of the lockstep "I Turn My Camera On" and vice versa).

The album ends as the first season of the show ended, with Cotton Mather's "Lily Dreams On." Removed from Kon-Tiki, the album it could originally be found on (when the album, an out-of-print cult classic, could be found at all), the psychedelic, Lennonesque ballad gets room to breathe, blossoming into a sweet elegy amongst sympathetic company. "Far from this," sings Robert Harrison, "Lily dreams on," and every ounce of context from the show that I begged you to stave off will come flooding back, no matter how hard you try. That's because it's not limited by the scene it accompanies; in fact, it's enhanced by it, and it in turn enhances the scene, and both become, individually and together, heartbreaking and deeply satisfying in a way that they never would have been otherwise. It's yet another reason why, far from the cheap cash-in that it could have been, the Veronica Mars soundtrack is one of the best albums of its kind.

Press release for Veronica Mars TV Soundtrack


Nettwerk proudly presents the soundtrack to VERONICA MARS, UPN's edgy, critically-acclaimed drama, due in stores September 27. The disc will include songs from the Dandy Warhols, Spoon, Ivy, The Perishers, Mike Doughty, Tegan & Sera, Sterophonics and The Format, among others.

Fans will recognize the first track, the Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Friends," as the electro-pop, catchy theme song of the show. The soundtrack includes several songs featured during season one, like "The Way You Are" (46 Bliss), "Momentary Thing" (Something Happens) and "Lily Dreams On" (Cotton Mather), while the rest of the songs will make their way into different episodes of season two, slated to premiere September 28.

The soundtrack will also introduce America to The Faders, the all-girl poppy punk rock band that has already garnered much success in the UK. The girls are ready to bring their feisty, infectious sound to the States, and their first task is to shoot the video for the single off the soundtrack, "No Sleep Tonight." As an added bonus, VERONICA MARS cast members will team up with The Faders to shoot the video for the single.

VERONICA MARS creator Rob Thomas expresses the importance of using music to complement and enhance the show, and the songs he listens to often inspire the scenes themselves. "I really try to get into Veronica's head space, and choose music that, first, I think she'd actually listen to, and, second, choose songs that fit the noir sensibility of the show. That dose of moodiness and melancholy, the pain, the drama is what I wanted the soundtrack to represent because it's really the backbone of the show," Thomas explains.

Set in the fictional Southern California seaside community of Neptune, VERONICA MARS revolves around the title character, Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 18-year-old apprentice private investigator who by day must negotiate the halls of Neptune High like any average teenage girl, and by night helps her father's private investigator business in attempt to uncover the town's darkest secrets.

The series stars Kristen Bell ("Deadwood") as Veronica Mars, Enrico Colantoni ("Just Shoot Me") as Keith Mars, Percy Daggs III ("The Guardian") as Wallace Fennel, Teddy Dunn ("The Manchurian Candidate") as Duncan Kane, Jason Dohring ("Judging Amy") as Logan Echolls, Francis Capra ("C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation ") as Eli "Weevil" Navarro, and [casting spoiler removed]. Joel Silver ("The Matrix") and creator Rob Thomas ("Cupid") are executive producers. VERONICA MARS is from Silver Pictures Television, in association with and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. Production services are provided by Stu Segall Productions, Inc.

VERONICA MARS returns to UPN for its second season on Wednesday, September 28th at 9pm.

Track listing is as follows:

Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends"
Mike Doughty "I Hear The Bells"
Tegan & Sara "I Know I Know I Know"
Spoon "I Turn My Camera On"
The Faders "No Sleep Tonight"
Stereophonics "Dakota"
The Perishers "Sway"
Delays "Long Time Coming"
The Format "On Your Porch"
Ivy "Ocean City Girl"
Something Happens "Momentary Thing"
46 Bliss "The Way You Are"
Adrienne Pierce "Lost & Found"
Cotton Mather "Lily Dreams On"

Song list for the Veronica Mars TV Soundtrack

Track 1: "We Used to Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols

The show's theme song, it played over the opening credits in every episode except 1.06 Return of the Kane and 1.22 Leave It to Beaver, when the opening credits weren't used and the cast names overlaid the action. The song was around before the show but the lyrics are so very perfect that you could be forgiven for thinking that it was written especially for it. "We Used to Be Friends" is off the band's fifth album, Welcome to the Monkey House, released in 2003. For those of you who remember the '80s, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran co-produced.

This is one of three songs the band has had on the show. "Insincere Because I," off the same album, was used in the pilot as Veronica reminisced about her time as Duncan's girlfriend. "Little Drummer Boy," which played in 1.10 An Echolls Family Christmas when Veronica was cleaning up at the poker table, was the band's very first single, released in 1995. Look for it on the 1995 compilation It's Finally Christmas or It's a Cool Cool Christmas, a 2000 compilation.

The Dandy Warhols formed in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. Their music is varied, going from psychedelic to rock and roll to alt-pop to who knows what next.

Now, the big question is this – is their latest album, Odditorium and the Warlords of Mars, released on September 13th, a tribute to our favorite heroine or the vestiges of a misspent youth in comics and sci-fi? Keep your eyes on this site and maybe you'll find out. You can find out more about the band and the new album on their website.

Track 2: "I Hear the Bells" by Mike Doughty

As this song did not appear in the first season, we were left to speculate as to what bells Mike Doughty is hearing. The Neptune High bells, releasing Veronica from school to catch an elusive...wait for it...catnapper? Wedding bells, signaling the stepsiblinghood of our favorite BFFs? Loud alarum bells, warning Neptune of imminent destruction? What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells! Probably not that last one, since the bells seem to be ringing "joyful and triumphant" in this relaxing tune layered with guitar and piano. Okay, fine, now that it's appeared in 2.20 Look Who's Stalking, we can safely say, uh... hmm. May actually be all of the above, come to think of it.

Mike Doughty was the frontman of unclassifiable '90s band Soul Coughing, best known for such incomprehensible songs as "Super Bon Bon" and "Circles." Following the breakup of the band in 2000, he released a few solo albums as a singer/songwriter (Skittish, his debut, was actually recorded in 1996 but not released until 2000). "I Hear the Bells" is off his new album Haughty Melodic, his first recording with a full band since his Soul Coughing days.

Find out more about Mike Doughty's musical evolution on his official website, and paint your own picture of him. No, seriously. I made his face some interesting shades of blue and orange and yellow.

Track 3: "I Know I Know I Know" by Tegan and Sara

This song, which is on Tegan and Sara's latest album, So Jealous, was used in 2.16 The Rapes Of Graff. Another song on that album, "Walking with a Ghost," was almost used for the season finale, 1.22 Leave it to Beaver.

Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twin sisters/singers/songwriters. They're also Canadian, but we won't hold that against them. They first started in the music biz by winning a local music competition in Calgary and their popularity has increased substantially since. They have extensively toured with many other artists, including Neil Young, Rufus Wainwright, The Killers, and Weezer.

During concerts, they also perform comedic bickerings that have become part of their act. Also: they're very hot. Visit their official website.

Track 4: "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon

This is from Spoon's latest album, Gimme Fiction, and was used in 2.03 Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang. The band's "Don't Let It Get You Down," from their 2002 release Kill the Moonlight, is used in 1.08 Like a Virgin towards the end of the episode in the scene with Veronica and Meg in the parking lot.

The indie band, formed in Austin, Texas, in 1994, has been likened to other artists whose music has appeared on the show, such as the French Kicks, who were heard in 1.07 The Girl Next Door, Interpol (1.10 An Echolls Family Christmas) and Radio 4 (1.04 The Wrath of Con).

You can find out more about the band and their latest album on their website.

Track 5: "No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders

This is another track from season 2. (Guys, the music in season one was effing great! Maybe the next release could have some more of it?) The Faders appeared as the band at the homecoming dance in episode 2.05 Blast From The Past, playing both "No Sleep Tonight" and "Whatever It Takes." This track is reminiscent of the Donnas track, "Fall Behind Me," used at Rest Stop 15 in 1.16 Betty and Veronica. A truncated version of the video, featuring members of the Veronica Mars cast interacting with the band on the Neptune High set, was shown at the very end of 2.02 Driver Ed.

Formed in 2004, this band of three Brit chicks has so far only released two singles, the other being "Jump." Singer Molly Lorenne is the daughter of Midge Ure (of Ultravox for the under forties/non-'80s-lovin' amongst you), which information we can state confidently despite our lack of personal knowledge of Midge's sleeping partners. It's hard to categorize the music based on two singles, but these words apply: loud, pop, rock.

You can find out a little more about the band from their website.

Track 6: "Dakota" by Stereophonics

This track is from Stereophonics' latest album, Language. Sex. Violence. Other? and was used in 2.08 Ahoy Mateys, killing our deep suspicions that we'd see a guest star appearance from Dakota Fanning sometime this season. Stereophonics' well-known song "Have a Nice Day," from their 2001 release Just Enough Education To Perform, is used in 1.09 Drinking the Kool-Aid when Veronica is making food in the Moon Calf Collective and "Jealousy" from 2003's You Gotta Go There To Come Back made an appearance in 2.04 Green-Eyed Monster.

This Welsh band, formerly known as Tragic Love Company, was one of the first signed to Richard Branson's V2 label on August 1996 and in their early days supported both Manic Street Preachers and Ocean Color Scene. In 1998 the band received a Brit Award for Best New Group, and during that year they had a successful tour in Europe, Australia, and the USA. They also collaborated with Tom Jones for a track on his album Reload, but we're big enough people to forgive them for that.

You can hear this song and others on their official website.

Track 7: "Sway" by The Perishers

"Sway" was heard in 2.17 Plan B, adding a generous dose of melancholy and tension, hopefully nabbing the Perishers lots of new listeners in the process. The members of this joyously named band – singer-guitarist Ola Klüft, keyboardist-background vocalist Martin Gustavson, bassist Per Åström and drummer Thomas Hedlund – grew up in the undoubtedly charming Swedish small town Umeå, whose harsh, gloomy winters inspired their songs as much as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young did.

"Sway" is taken from their North American debut album Let There Be Morning, which was released in May 2005.

More about the Perishers, including a really colorful biography, can be found at their main website.

Track 8: "Long Time Coming" by Delays

This song was used in episode 2.01 Normal Is The Watchword. The band's own description of this song makes it sound like classic Veronica Mars material: "...about watching people you love losing their innocence and the naivety that you shared when you were younger, falling into the kind of adulthood you swore you never would, and wishing you could've done something about it. It's a loss of innocence and also of spontaneity and people becoming really guarded and jaded. Friends stuck in jobs you know they don't wanna do, living in houses they don't wanna live in." Anyone else getting goosebumps about what is going to happen to our beloved characters come September?

Reincarnated from the ashes of Corky in 2001, the band has been lumped into the Keane/Starsailor stable of indie Britpop. That's not a bad thing, but really they are more Stone-Roses-meet-the-Cocteau-Twins-on-a-California-beach. "Long Time Coming" was a UK top twenty hit in 2004 and can be found on their sole album to date, Faded Seaside Glamour. They've just finished recording their next, which is at the mixing stage.

On their rather cool website, there are full versions of this and some of their other songs. The length of this blurb has nothing to do with the fact the writer is really liking their music playing in background and doesn't want to move on. Except it totally does.

Track 9: "On Your Porch" by The Format

This is the first song by the Format used on the show. It was used in 2.02 Driver Ed.

The Format is a two-member rock band from Arizona. They chose their name to make fun of the music industry's inclination towards a cookie-cutter "format" for a hit. And yet they didn't seem to have a problem with having a "hit" called "The First Single" or signing with Elektra Records in 2002. Hmm.

The song "On Your Porch" is from the band's first full-length album Interventions and Lullabies, which was released in 2003.

For more information on the band you can visit their official website.

Track 10: "Ocean City Girl" by Ivy

Appearing at the very end of 2.08 Ahoy Mateys, this song from 2005's In The Clear is Ivy's third contribution to Veronica Mars after "Edge of the Ocean," which was used in 1.03 Meet John Smith to underscore a distraught Veronica driving the injured Duncan to the hospital, and "Feel So Free," which perfectly accentuated the chilling depiction of Lynn Echolls's abandoned car on the bridge in 1.12 Clash of the Tritons. So Ivy has closed out two episodes and accompanied Duncan twice. Noted.

Ivy is a New York-based band consisting of singer Dominique Durand, Adam Schlesinger, and Andy Chase. Over the course of a decade, they released four full-length albums: the cover collection Guestroom from 2002, Long Distance from 2001, Apartment Life from 1997, and Realistic from 1995.

Ivy's songs have been used on several TV show and movie soundtracks, among them Roswell, Felicity, and Me, Myself and Irene.

More information on the band can be found on their website.

Track 11: "Momentary Thing" by Something Happens

This song appears on their 1997 album Alan, Elvis & God. And if you have to ask what episode this song appeared in, well then...HOW CAN YOU FORGET ABOUT THE KISS?! For those of you who did forget about the kiss, this song appears in 1.18 Weapons of Class Destruction as Veronica and Logan share an innocent little peck.

This Dublin quartet released several pop/rock albums during the mid '80s and early '90s but never achieved mainstream success. The title of the song perfectly describes Veronica and Logan's relationship and the band's career. On the bright side, their best known song, "Parachute," from their album Stuck Together with God's Glue was once voted the top Irish single of all time in a 2FM/hotpress poll. A brief history of the band can be found here and here.

So how did this little-known Irish band end up on Veronica Mars? Because of their connection with former rocker and current TV god Rob Thomas.

Rob: "My band opened for the Irish band Something Happens when they played Austin many, many years ago. Great band. Great guys. When I lived in Ireland while writing Satellite Down, the guys in Something Happens showed me a very good time in Dublin. I LOVE the song Momentary Thing."

Track 12: "The Way You Are" by 46bliss

This haunting song closes 1.11 Silence of the Lamb, underscoring Mac's conflict between her two families before asking Clarence Wiedman to "put [himself], put [himself] in [Veronica's] place." Though lyrically simple, it creates the perfect ambience for both scenes with its dreamy electronica. In April, it was the #1 download out of 341,000 songs on

What's in a name? Apparently, it has something to do with "an obscure New York City subway stop." What's in a band? The keyboard stylings and vocal talents of David Cooper, the Celtic and Acadian vocal influences of Clare Veniot, and the electronic music and diverse drumming experience of Jack Freudenheim. Add one "epiphany at an Indian restaurant," and you've got a force to be reckoned with in the world of ambient electronic pop. Despite the members' living in different towns, 46bliss manages to create ethereal (yet catchy) soundscapes that have garnered rave reviews. Their contribution to Old Navy's Jazzy Jolly, a remix of Mahalia Jackson's rendition of "Silent Night," was mentioned on the front page of the Washington Post. "The Way You Are" is on their second album, 2004's 46bliss, which Splendid dubbed a "perfect chillout album."

Despite the prominence of Veronica Mars on the band's website, she is not, sadly, part of the band.

Track 13: "Lost & Found" by Adrienne Pierce

This song doesn't appear on Adrienne's first album, Small Fires, or during the first season of Veronica Mars. So where in the hell does this song come from? I dunno. Maybe she sang it at some karaoke hazing ritual and someone with some really jagged editing skills taped it or something. It was the last song from the soundtrack to be used on the show, appearing in 2.21 Happy Go Lucky.

Adrienne Pierce is a pop singer/songwriter from Vancouver. (Looky here, another Canuck.) Her 2002 debut album Small Fires garnered rave reviews and was re-released in 2004. (That is not a typo. Her pop album did in fact garner some really good reviews.) She recently finished recording her yet-to-be-titled second album. (Which by some amazing coincidence is on the same record label as this soundtrack.)

You can learn more about her and hear clips of her other songs on her website.

Track 14: "Lily Dreams On" by Cotton Mather

This track is from Cotton Mather's second album, Kontiki, released in 1997, and is in 1.22 Leave It to Beaver. You all know this scene, Veronica's dream, in which she says goodbye to Lilly, and you gotta admit, this is THE song for it. Granted, the band spells the name "Lily," but we all know it was written just so it could accompany this moment.

Cotton Mather is an Austin-based band, named after the Puritan historical figure Cotton Mather (duh). They really got their kick start when Liam Gallagher from Oasis said about their second album, "I fucking wish it was [ours]. I play it all day at home." He and his brother Noel even invited the band to come open for them in Europe. Since then they have released another album called The Big Picture.

You can learn more about them at their record label's site.

While the idea that Rob loved the song, named Lilly after it (changing the spelling, possibly for the same reason he changed "Cain" to "Kane") and had this scene in mind, with the song, before the pilot script was even finished is an interesting thought, that is not the case.

Rob: "As most of you have already noted, I do have an affinity for the hometown bands.

My band played with Cotton Mather a number of times. I love their albums. A high school friend of mine married Cotton Mather's lead singer/songwriter. I didn't give Lilly her name based on the song, but I've been thinking about the perfect place to use that song for the last half of the season."

The soundtrack will be available in stores Tuesday, September 27th. If you are one of those obsessive types, we have a countdown clock on our site to remind you of these important dates.

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