The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-5: "You Think You Know Somebody"

  1. Artist unidentified: "La Adelita": played when the boys are in Mexico. See Comments for more info.
  2. Unidentified: Two Mexican songs played at the border stop, then when they’re in the diner.
  3. "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service (Give Up, 2003): Played while Veronica is driving Troy in the car and is asking him about what they did in Mexico. Download it!
  4. "The Mexican Hat Dance": played at the birthday party when Veronica goes looking for the piñata.
  5. "Put Your Lights On" by Santana with Everlast (Supernatural, 1999): Played while Veronica is packing the cell phones for mailing, and her dad comes home from his date.
  6. "The New Kid" by Old 97's (Drag It Up, 2004): Played while Troy gathers the steroids and is making his getaway at the end. See Notes for more info.
  7. "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service (Give Up, 2003): Played a second time in the show at the very end while Veronica is getting the cell phone call from her mom. Download it!


  • Old 97's: Amazon has a free download of "The New Kid" here, though it is mislabeled as "In The Satellite Rides A Star" for some reason.

Episode 1-4: "The Wrath Of Con"

  1. "Supernatural Supergirl" by Josh Kramon (Forward, 2003): During the flashback scene in Veronica’s room when she and Lilly are picking out a dress for the Homecoming dance.
  2. "Everything" by Josh Kramon (Big World, 2007): During the flashback scene to the night of the dance when Veronica, Duncan, and Logan are waiting for Lilly to get done, and also while they are taking pictures, and then while they are leaving the Kane’s house for the dance.
  3. "All That We Perceive" by Thievery Corporation (The Richest Man In Babylon, 2002): During the flashback scene in the limo on the way to the dance while they are playing dare.
  4. "Diverse City" by TobyMac (Welcome To Diverse City, 2004): First song played at the college party when Veronica and Wallace arrive.
  5. "Party Crashers" by Radio 4 (Stealing Of A Nation, 2004): The second song played at the party while Veronica is trying to break into the dorm room.
  6. Identify this song!: Played while Logan is reviewing the Lilly videos on his computer and Veronica walks in.
  7. "Wind Beneath My Wings" (originally performed by Bette Midler, Beaches soundtrack, 1989; GH): An instrumental version playing at the fountain dedication.
  8. "Now Is The Time" by Damone (Out Here All Night, 2006): Also at the fountain dedication. Playing during the second half of the Lilly video when Veronica’s contribution to the video is being shown. See Notes for more info.


  • Damone: The version of "Now Is The Time" in the episode is a demo and therefore sounds a bit different from the version that was officially released. You can listen to the official version at the band's MySpace page.

Episode 1-3: "Meet John Smith"

  1. "No Blue Sky" by The Thorns (Thorns, 2003): The song Duncan was listening to while floating on the raft in his pool.
  2. Identify this song!: An instrumental playing on the jukebox in the restaurant when Troy hits it and tells Veronica that he would have been expecting sex had the song changed.
  3. "Art" by Louque (So Long, 2004): Playing at the end of Veronica & Troy's date after he tries to kiss her. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Goodbye World" by The Sheers (Goodbye World, 2006): Playing when Veronica is laying on her bed doing her homework and her dad walks in her room. Download it!
  5. "Summer Nights" sung by Teddy Dunn (from Grease): performed briefly by Duncan on the bleachers before jumping.
  6. "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy (Long Distance, 2001): Played while Veronica drives Duncan to the Hospital. Download it!
  7. "Rock and A Hard Place" by Supreme Beings of Leisure (Divine Operating System, 2002): only an instrumental portion of the song, played over several scenes beginning when Veronica decides to drive to Arizona, and ending when she pulls up in front of the house she thought her mother was living in.
  8. "What Are You Afraid Of?" by West Indian Girl (West Indian Girl, 2004): Played when Veronica drives back home from Arizona and also when she calls Troy from outside of his home. See Notes for more info.


  • Louque: You can download a low-fi Windows Media file of "Art" here.
  • West Indian Girl: You can listen to "What Are You Afraid Of?" at the band's MySpace page. You can download the video here.
  • While Josh Kramon's score is similar (specifically when Veronica is looking at Duncan as the school hallway spins, which is interrupted by Troy), "Cherry Blossom Girl" by Air is not played in this episode.

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