The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 1-9: "Drinking The Kool-Aid"

  1. Identify this song!: The song that starts playing while Veronica is driving back from her meeting at the prison, and also continues while she’s figuring out who took the surveillance photos of her.
  2. "When The Angels Sing" by Social Distortion (White Light White Heat White Trash, 1996): the song Weevil tries to pass off as his own poem in class during the flashback.
  3. "Make a Deal with the City" by East River Pipe (Shining Hours In A Can, 1994): The song playing when Veronica first visits the cult camp. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" (originally performed by the Velvet Underground, Loaded, 1970): sung around the campfire.
  5. "(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back" by Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger (Bush Doctor, 1978; GH): The song playing the second time Veronica visits the camp when the leader shows her the greenhouse.
  6. "Have a Nice Day" by Stereophonics (Just Enough Education to Perform, 2001): The song playing at the camp while they all are preparing the food.
  7. Identify this song!: The song playing while Veronica is dropping off Casey at the camp. Contains the line "...she knows all my friends...."
  8. "Famous Lover" by The Fire Marshals Of Bethlehem (Songs For Housework, 2005): The song playing at Casey’s grandmother’s funeral. See Notes for more info.
  9. Identify this song!: An instrumental part of a song playing at the end while Veronica is shredding the paternity test results.


  • East River Pipe: You can download "Make A Deal With The City" here (download link on the right side of the page) and listen to the song at the band's MySpace page.
  • Fire Marshals Of Bethlehem: You can download a clip of "Famous Lover" here.

Episode 1-8: "Like A Virgin"

  1. "Hands On The Money" by Kid Symphony (Hands On The Money single, 2004): played near the beginning when Veronica asks Wallace his Purity test score and then she flashes him. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Don't Tell Mama" sung by both Alona Tal and Annie Abrams (from Cabaret): performed by Meg and Kimmy during their auditions for the school production of Cabaret.
  3. "Don’t Let It Get You Down" by Spoon (Kill The Moonlight, 2002): played near the end when Veronica is walking through the parking lot.


  • Kid Symphony: You can watch the video for "Hands On The Money" here.

Episode 1-7: "The Girl Next Door"

  1. "The Trial of the Century" by The French Kicks (Trial Of The Century, 2004): Playing at the beginning when Veronica is taking her laundry to the laundry room and stops to talk to Sara in the courtyard. Download it!
  2. "La Femme d'Argent" by Air (Moon Safari, 1998): Playing when Weevil and Logan paint the wall and also while Veronica is flipping through the Sara's diary.
  3. "Yellow Butta Sunshine" by Pop (Caramel '76, 2003): Playing when Weevil and his gang pull up to and go into the Encore store. See Notes for more info.


  • Pop: You can download a one-minute sample of "Yellow Butta Sunshine" here. You can also listen to it in its entirety on his record label's website; the player in the top right hand corner lets you skip songs, and "Yellow Butta Sunshine" will eventually come up.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, I can find no confirmable evidence that Snow Patrol's "Run" is played anywhere in this episode.

Episode 1-6: "Return Of The Kane"

  1. "Still in Love Song" by The Stills (Logic Will Break Your Heart, 2003): playing while the 09ers drive into the gas station. Download it!
  2. "Feel Alright" by The Red Onions (The Red Onions, 2004): playing during the boxing match.
  3. "Bandido" by Daniel Indart (from the Indart Music and Sound licensing catalogue): Jake and Duncan are eating burgers in their car without Celeste's knowledge. See Notes for more info.
  4. "I'm In A Way" by The Rite Flyers (The Rite Flyers, 2003): playing while Veronica & Wanda were making posters at V's house. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Ventura Highway" by America (Homecoming, 1973; GH): playing while Logan is making the apology at the soup kitchen and continuing through the scene where Aaron beats him.


  • Daniel Indart: You can listen to a clip of "Bandido" by clicking here.
  • The Rite Flyers: You can listen to "I'm In A Way" at the band's MySpace page.

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