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Episode 2-5: "Blast From The Past"

  1. "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" sung by Percy Daggs III (originally performed by The Temptations, All Directions, 1972; GH): sung by Wallace at the Sac-N-Pac when he spots his father.
  2. Unidentified: played while Duncan and Veronica are making out and discussing the homecoming dance.
  3. "Press Record Then Play" by Lake Holiday (This Is How We Say Goodbye, 2006): played when Jackie and Veronica talk about the psychic. See Notes for more info.
  4. "No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders (Plug In And Play, 2005; VMS): first song played at the homecoming dance. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Whatever It Takes" by The Faders (Plug In And Play, 2005): second song played at the homecoming dance. See Notes for more info.


  • Lake Holiday: You can listen to and download "Press Record Then Play" at the band's MySpace page.
  • The Faders: You can watch the entire "No Sleep Tonight" video featuring the VM cast by going here and clicking on the link under "Watch videos from Veronica Mars." The band's website also features a mixer that allows you to hear clips of that song and "Whatever It Takes," and the "Media" section has another clip of "No Sleep Tonight" as well as a portion of the original (non-VM cast) video.

Episode 2-4: "Green-Eyed Monster"

  1. "Jealousy" by Stereophonics (You Gotta Go There To Come Back, 2003): played when Veronica first follows Collin. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Jealous Love" by Robert Cray (Some Rainy Morning, 1995): played when Wallace and Jackie are making out and Veronica's call interrupts them
  3. "So Jealous" by Tegan and Sara (So Jealous, 2004): played as Veronica fights the urge to check out the files on Meg's computer


  • Stereophonics: You can listen to "Jealousy" in its entirety in the "Audio" section of the "Media" page of the Stereophonics' website.

Episode 2-3: "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"

  1. "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon (Gimme Fiction, 2005; VMS): played when Veronica is tailing Kendall. See Notes for more info.
  2. "Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair" sung by Mike King: karaoke song performed by Lars to his girlfriend.
  3. "Love Hurts" sung by Courtney Taylor-Taylor (of the Dandy Warhols) (originally performed by Nazareth, Hair Of The Dog, 1975; GH): karaoke song performed next. See Notes for more info.
  4. "Smoke It" by the Dandy Warhols (Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars, 2005): played as Big Dick flees his office. See Notes for more info.


  • Spoon: You can download "I Turn My Camera On" under the "Bonus" section and watch the video under the "Video" section of the band's website.
  • "Love Hurts": Technically, the Everly Brothers were the first to perform this song, and Roy Orbison and Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris covered it before Nazareth, but the arrangement that Courtney Taylor-Taylor is singing is clearly modeled on Nazareth's version.
  • The Dandy Warhols: You can watch the video for "Smoke It" here.

Episode 2-2: "Driver Ed"

  1. "The Minor Waltz" by The Asylum Street Spankers (My Favorite Record, 2002): playing quietly right at the beginning, from when the VMVO starts until Veronica turns Jackie into a macchiatto.
  2. "Magic Bus" by The Who (GH): playing in the convenience store when Veronica is asking the clerk about the bus driver's last meal.
  3. "On Your Porch" by The Format (Interventions And Lullabies, 2003; VMS): playing when Jessie meets her father's mistress and when Veronica and Duncan sleep together.
  4. "Little Miss Get Around" by Lukewarm Freeda (no album info, 2005): playing when Big Dick Casablancas wakes Cassidy up after he fell asleep on the couch watching a surfing video. See Notes for more info.
  5. "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies (Surfer Rosa, 1988; GH): played at the end as Veronica panics that her father can tell that she's had sex and as Lamb examines the body on the beach.


  • Lukewarm Freeda: You can listen to "Little Miss Get Around" at the band's MySpace page.

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