The Music Of Veronica Mars

Episode 3-11: "Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves"

  1. "Never The Same Again" by Moonlight Towers (Like You Were Never There, 2005): played in the Food Court while Veronica checks the phone of the guy from New York. Download it!
  2. "Yeah!" by the Golden Dogs (Everything In 3 Parts, 2004): still dressed in his old uniform, Keith pulls up next to Sheriff Lamb. See Notes for more info.
  3. "A Thousand Kisses Deep" by Leonard Cohen (Ten New Songs, 2001; GH): Veronica & Logan's pillow talk about their histories
  4. "Wheels" by Mark Lanegan (Scraps At Midnight, 1998): Max's friends interrupt his time with Wendy


  • Golden Dogs: You can listen to "Yeah!" in its entirety here at the band's website.

Episode 3-10: "Show Me The Monkey"

  1. Unidentified: classical music in cartoons playing as Dick takes photos of himself and throws them over the balcony
  2. Unidentified: Veronica & Mac get their "Meat Is Murder" photo (possibly production music)
  3. "Funiculì Funiculà" by Luigi Denza (1880): Parker & Mac's R.A. tours the "world" rooms
  4. "Dos Almas Con Un Corazon" by Matt Hirt & Francisco Rodriguez (from the MasterSource Music Catalogue): salsa music playing when the R.A. visits the Cuban room. Download it!
  5. "One Week" by The Barenaked Ladies (Stunt, 1998; GH): the Canada room
  6. "Lara's Theme" by Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1965; GH): Veronica has an awkward conversation with a guy in the Russian room
  7. Unidentified: Bronson arrives as Mac listens to music on her headphones (possibly production music)
  8. Unidentified: accordion music playing when Veronica gives Parker her guy-finding score
  9. "Fair" by The Annuals (Be He Me, 2006): Mac asks Bronson to the movies; Veronica & Piz have dinner; Veronica arrives at Logan's
  10. "Long, Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt (Silk Purse, 1970; GH): Keith chats with Professor Landry at a bar
  11. "Greenland" by Kingsbury Manx (The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South, 2005): Piz discovers Logan & Veronica are back together

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